Private Investigator services in Calgary Alberta
Private Investigator services in Calgary Alberta

Private Investigation

Our Private Investigators are highly qualified and competent, most with decades of law enforcement experience. They will gather information and evidence for legal, financial, or personal matters, which may include surveillance, background checks, online investigations and locating missing persons. This may also include support in situations such as child custody and other personal matters. We also have Consultants with expertise in sensitive and anti-corruption file investigations.

Law Firm
Investigational Services

We offer professional investigative services to law firms by conducting in-depth research, collecting crucial evidence, and providing witness interviews to support a case, ultimately assisting in building a stronger legal strategy. Additionally, our Investigators can also assist in mitigating risk for a law firm by conducting background checks and due diligence investigations on potential clients, employees, or partners.

Insurance Claim

Insurance fraud refers to the intentional submission of false or exaggerated insurance claims, with the goal of obtaining financial gain or benefits to which the claimant is not entitled, leading to significant financial losses for insurance companies and higher premiums for policyholders. We offer investigational support to Insurance Companies with potential fraud claims, collecting evidence and providing surveillance and other services to protect the interests of the company and their clients.

Online Investigations
Cyber Security Investigations

Frequently, our inquiries delve into mobile phone usage and online behaviors. We employ cutting-edge digital investigative methods to facilitate our probes. Furthermore, we offer expertise in cybersecurity, aiding in the containment of digital threats and data compromises. Our primary objective is to safeguard computer systems and avert subsequent breaches. In collaboration with our Cybersecurity allies, we stand ready to address and alleviate your digital concerns.

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